Ice Cream Factory Studio offers a variety of audio services, including:

We offer a beautiful live room with a high, felt draped ceiling and just the right amount of diffusion, two iso rooms big enough for several amps and even a small drum kit, and can accommodate up to 6 sonically isolated musicians playing simultaneously.  We use a combination of hand selected microphones from Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, Beyerdynamic, Roswell, Lewitt, and many more, preamps ranging from ultra-clean Millenia to crunchy vintage Ampex with lots of flavors in between, into A/D conversion by SSL, tracking in Pro Tools 11, Reaper and Studio One.

Beautiful mixes are crucial to your music, and can bring even very low-budget garage recordings up to a surprisingly professional sounding result.  Our award-winning in-house engineers have decades of experience in mixing source material ranging from the lowest of lo-fi all the way to the most pristine recordings tracked in the finest studios.

Our house engineers are also accomplished musicians and producers who can help you choose the right path for your songs, select musicians that will interpret your style of music as it should be, and bring the whole project to a satisfying conclusion.  If you have the songs but can’t get over those final hurdles of finding the right people and completing your album, we’re here to help.

We are able to bring your mixes up to industry standard levels using a combination of hardware and software processing that will please the most discerning listener, and translate well to many different systems. Delivery of your masters can include full album sequencing, creation of ISRC codes, DDP files for CD replication, audio sides for vinyl replication, or simple digital delivery of WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg, FLAC or any other needed format.

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