Equipment List



Neumann TLM193 (two), Neumann KM184, AudioTechnica AT4050/LE, Shure SM7B, Shure Beta 92, Shure Beta 52A, Shure Beta 87A, Sennheiser MD504, Sennheiser MD421 II, Oktava MC 012 (a pair of Tim Harbin/Oktavamod pro upgrades), Red Mic LDC MC-012 capsules, Oktava MKL-2500 tube mic (Oktavamod black gate upgrade, U.K. power), Oktava ML-52 ribbon mic with Lundahl transformer and extensive headbasket mods, Nady RM5 ribbon mic, Nady 1050 multipattern tube condenser (U47 mod), SM58, SM57 (x5), Sennheiser e609 (pair), and more.

Neumann KM84, Sennheiser MD221U, Sennheiser MD408 (four), EV N/D468 (two), AKG D109 (two), custom telephone mic

UAD-2 Quad with most of the UA plugins including the mastering suite, Neve & SSL suites, most of the EQs, Little Labs VOG and IBP and many more
Pianoteq full version 4 with the Electro keyboard expansion pack (amazing piano, Rhodes and Wurly sounds)

Tons of other interesting sub-harmonic generators, soft synths, filters, distortions, emulators and compressors

Signal Processing Hardware
FMR RNC compressor
DBX 160X compressor
Alesis 3630 two channel compressor with Black Lion mod
Boss GX-700 effects processor
Loads of guitar & bass effects pedals

Burl B1D with nickel transformer
AML 5003D with Carnhill & custom transformers
Focusrite ISA 220
UA 4-710D 4 channel preamp/compressor
Sytek MPX-4Aii (Burr/Brown op-amp option on channels 3-4)
Yamaha PM-1000 – 4 discrete channels, custom rack mounted
Event EMP-1 with THAT op amp upgrade
Presonus Digimax (one of the first 20 built)

Audio I/O
Dangerous D-Box w/ 8 channel summing mixer
UA Apollo Quad
MOTU 2408 Mk3 (Black Lion Audio modded)
MOTU 2408 Mk2

EPI Epicure M100
Yamaha NS-20M
Samson Resolv120a active sub
Aviom headphone system with 7 monitor stations
Extreme Isolation headphones (2)
Sony MDR-7506 headphones (4)
MoreMe headphones (5)
AKD D140 headphones
Bryston amp
Nikko Alpha 130 amp

Live Rooms
20′ x 28′ x 14′ live room
12′ x 12′ Vocalbooth iso room
8 x 10 iso room


Premiere XPK birch/eucalyptus/birch 6 piece kit – 22×16, 12, 13, 14, 16
1976 Rogers walnut shells, bearing edges at 45 degrees, 22×14, 12, 13, 16
One-of-a-kind black walnut & oak stave shell 14×6.5 snare hand built for the Ice Cream Factory by Spirit drums
1963 Slingerland marching snare
Ludwig blue/olive badge Acrolite snare

Basses & Guitars
’73 Fender Jazz bass
’87 G&L SB-1 P-bass
’93 G&L L-2000 Jazz bass
’78 Fender Musicmaster bass
’67 Hagstrom bass with custom Novak pickups
’56 Framus hollowbody bass
’69 Norma acoustic parlor guitar
’73 Fender acoustic (high-strung, or Nashville tuning)
’76 Yamaha red label acoustic
’87 Fender Strat – Japanese, 1 bridge pickup
Epiphone Les Paul
SX banjo
’86 Hohner fretless bass
’88 Ibanez Soundgear 1200

Amps & Speaker Cabinets
’54 Supro Spectator (8″ original speaker + external speaker mod)
’68 Silverface Fender Bassman head
’74 Fender Bassman 4×10
Valvetech VAC 50 handwired deluxe guitar amp (like AC30)
Fender Hotrod Deluxe with THD Yellowjacket EL84 or 6L6 power
Mid-50’s Birch suitcase tube amp
60’s Silvertone 1482 combo + external speaker mod
60’s Silvertone 1482 combo (clean, recapped)
’74 Univox ULM6 tube 1×10 combo amp (recapped)
70’s Bogen tube guitar amp
Ampeg SVT Classic amp head
60’s Altec Lansing solid state mono amp
Ampeg SVT Classic 8×10 bass cabinet
Mesa/Boogie 2×15 bass cabinet
Custom Celestion Vintage 10 2×10 cabinet
Avatar 2×12 cabinet loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s
Avatar 1×10 cabinet loaded with a Celestion Vintage 30
Also available on short notice are: Fender DeVille 4×10, Twin blackface reissue, Vox AC30 and a Fender Blues Jr.

Korg Microkorg
Peavey DPM C8 midi controller (great action)
Yamaha DX7
Kurzweil SP77
Casio SK-1
Circuit bent Speak & Spell
Seeburg Select-A-Rhythm drum machine

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